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Million years Ago [Adele] PIANO ACCOMPANY

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Million years Ago [Adele] PIANO SOLO

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Dưới Những Cơn Mưa [Mr. Siro]
[Sheet music]—--[Youtube]

Vì tôi còn sống [Tiên Tiên]
[Sheet music]—-–[Youtube]

Tong Hua 童话 (Fairy Tale)
[Sheet music]—–—[Youtube]

Love Deterrence ~ Koi no Yokushiryoku [piano]

Request #2: Luke – tragedy (Tales of the Abyss)

Announcement: “Mischievous of Alice” is still in progress.

Last week, I received the request from Chris Perusch (CrimsonSali) to transcribe this. And now, the set is perfect complete.

The production of this video was unexpected because I had no intention of the first place of covering this sorrow piece. Yesterday, I exhausted myself to arrange “Mischievous of Alice” (sung by Yosei Teikoku) and almost gave up on that challenging project.

“Never stain yourself on music!” I recalled.

I decided to choose a requested song and at that time, because of the exhaustion, I picked the easiest among 5 requests. The truth is this piece was not so impressive to me at first time I heard it.

I still don’t know what happened when I finished the score in only 2 hours and about half an hour to practice and record. However, when I was recording, I felt the sorrow of those melody. It seemed like they and my heart synchronized together. I felt relieved, peaceful and yet rejuvenated.

Oh, there are music that can only be fully appreciated by play them.
Special thank to Chris Perusch who requested and entrusted me to transcribe.

Stay tune for my next piano most ambitious arrangement – “Mischievous of Alice”

Mischievous of Alice – The most ambitious transcription

According to my polls, “Mischievous of Alice” (OP song of the PS2 game “Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos”) will be my next project.


Seriously!!! I have carried a lot of ideas for a long time for putting this song into piano melody. It is now the time for me to built up my playing style and for you to see the other level of anime music and piano transcription.

Yousei Teikoku (妖精帝國), one of my favorite Japanese band, never fail to produce Gothic style music. I love Yui Itsuki and her supremely emotional vocal. For anime audience, you may recognized her by Kuusou Mesorogiwi, OP song of Mirai Nikki (one of my top 5 anime) I know Yousei Teikoku since I watched Mirai Nikki and have followed closely to their music and desperately waiting for their next single and album.

Yousei Teikoku 3

Due to the high level of insane difficulty, it will take a long time for me to process the sheet and produce YouTube footage so I will be gone from this blog probably 2 week or more (also because of daily life headaches and my upcoming college midterm).

And for request, because I want to focus all of my energy and effort to create the hardest “Mischievous of Alice”, all of request will be on hold. I still evaluate all of the request and I promise that I won’t refuse any of them in the near future. You can check the request’s status under “Request pending” page.

I also want to thank all of requester for entrusting me to transcribe your favorite song. Once I accept the request, I work with all my heart and effort to produce the best sheet as possible.

P/s: I realize that I am talking loud now. Deep from my heart, my decision of transcribing “Mischievous of Alice” carries its supreme fear. I have no problem of transcribing and I have high satisfaction of my piano sheet. However, the fear here is that I won’t be able to play smoothly and effortlessly my own sheet. That’s would be shame!

Let hope for the best!

Now go to Questions/Polls/Vote!

One Little Wish – my past “One Little Wish”

Here, One Little Wish:

As always, it’s excited each time I upload a new video. And here now, “One Little Wish” sung by Yōko Takahashi 高橋 洋子, a song from “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis 2009 Version”.
I assume that you all know the famous song “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”. However, I wonder why no one has covered “One Little Wish”. I think that OP and ED songs will have much more potential for pianists to transcribe. So, I know for sure that other insert songs and soundtracks will hardly catch any attention from piano players to be transcribed someday. I have been wandering on the Internet using English and even translated Japanese to find piano sheets for my favorite songs but always ended up in despair.
I also have encountered a ton of piano player’s blogs and YouTube channels saying that they only do “currently airing anime” OPs and EDs and rarely play old songs.

Well, I decided to transcribe sheets myself with the fear of not being able to play them. As you can see, my skill at this moment is limited. It’s sad to say that my sheets at some points contain parts that I have lot of headaches to practice. Just a few days ago, I wondered myself that whether it’s too soon for me to transcribe and create YouTube channel. Am I useless?

“You have no idea of how your philosophy can lead you to live and how fate can torture your life”

It was hard for me to keep up the dream of musical career. And I had abandoned music and piano long ago. There was no way for me to inspire other people to love music!

So what? Right here, right now, some of you watch my video, practice my sheet and grateful to me to transcribe that song. At the moment, I have 200 views only for “A world without tears” with 18 subscribers. I am confident to say that I have high satisfaction for my piano transcription even though I am not to proud of my playing skill.

Yes, I still can bring music to everybody in a lot of ways.

That is my “One Little Wish”


One Little Wish (Neon Genesis Evangelion) – I have to make sheet for this song ****sniff****


I hope I can get over the depression of my last transcription, also my first request. I still don’t know why I decided to do such a harsh task.

Let move on!

It’s has been decided. No matter what happen, I will make “One Little Wish (Neon Genesis Evangelion)” as perfect as possible, also that will be my next YouTube performance which I am craving for it day by day.

Speaking of YouTube, I think it is a great idea to upload my performance for not only showing off my skill but also sharpening my skill tremendously. As I mentioned before, no one around my life could sit next to me for just listening music. Everyone seems rushing, struggling out of their lives all day long.

I felt for “One Little Wish” instantly when I first listened to it. Relaxed, softly depressed and tearful. The song is not so popular and very few people know about it. Well. that why I am here for: “Music back from the Oblivion”


Last thing I want to mention is that I probably won’t do request anymore because I have a lot of my favorite songs I want to transcribe that could take years to finish. Most of them are not popular and some are from animes that released decades ago.

Here, “One Little Wish”