Moonlit Night メメント・モリ [FULL] and Memento Mori メメント・モリ from Death Parade デス・パレード

Moonlit Night メメント・モリ
Death Parade デス・パレード

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Memento Mori メメント・モリ
Death Parade デス・パレード

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Love Deterrence ~ Koi no Yokushiryoku [piano]

Seventh heaven (from Garden of sinners) by Yuki Kajiura/Kalafina

Ever since my hardest transcription was finished, I have always conflicted myself about my ability: my transcribed skill and my level of piano playing are not in sync. That is normal totally, I admit. Composers may not sing well. Singers may not compose a single song in their lifetime. Pianist may not compose themselves but only cover others’ compositions. I know my unbalance. That’s why I try to avoid compete with other, rather, I choose easy song with low tempo and relaxed melody.

I ask myself whether it’s a good thing to go on that path. Thinking back, I always know the answer but I decide to live in denial. Ever since I make my performances public, my attitude somehow has changed: from admiration to slight jealousy, from enjoyment to competition, from acceptance to rejection.

From admiration to slight jealousy: lot of YouTube pianists out there are better than me. I admire their skill, love them but also jealous their talent. Is it because of my or my fate that I could not reach to where they belong to?

From enjoyment to competition: many years ago, I was so happy each time somebody covers my favorite songs in piano but now, each time I listen to those, I carefully analyze in detail and have attempted to replay myself.

From acceptance to rejection: I have became pickier in selecting and rating music.


Ever since when I accept request and public my video on YouTube, my perception has changed. I am contributing music to the world which means that I can no longer perceive music as years ago. I am no longer a normal audience. Music may not heal me anymore but rather I may hurt myself for it. Such a bittersweet pain.


If some of you reading this post, enlighten me and tell me why so many artists are in hiatus (Utada Hiraku, Shunichi Miyamoto…) or even quite their careers??

This time, I will risk myself again: this is going to be one of my finest arrangement ever (along with Sakura Nagashi and Mischievous of Alice)

Seventh heaven (from Garden of sinners) by Yuki Kajiura/Kalafina

And I forgot to mention my latest cover “One Form of Love”



It’s great to be able come here again for my little talent to contribute to music and serve my few fellow audiences in my honor to transcribe, arrange and perform your amazing requested songs that are being forgotten.

First thing first, the reasons for my break time are
– lack of motivation due to low YouTube stats (like, view, comment, subscriber gain and lost) Don’t any of you tell me the ways to increase stats. I know that general people have tendency of listening to new pop music rather than old ones. date a live デート・ア・ライブ OP [piano] But I can’t also stand to watch many good old amazing old melodies are going into distinction. With my limited skill, I always hop that I could somehow bring them back to few people’ attention.
– my last month of college was pretty extreme. I barely managed a little time for my hobby.
– each time I choose a hard song to transcribe such as Sakura ga satai yo, Aishita Onna 愛した女and Mischievous of Alice (The most ambitious transcription), I exhausted myself before I even know it. I ended up almost giving up on those.

But I know for sure that I won’t give up easily because I won’t make the same mistake again.


It’s summer time


I am so excited that at the moment, I have nothing to do and very easily get bored. The only two things I can get rid of my boredom is watching anime and practicing piano.

I don’t usually watch currently airing because I hate to wait each week for the new episode. However, after watching around 177 series and movies in the last 14 months to become an anime addict, it’s getting harder to find a complete anime that attracts my taste.

I ended up watching some current animes

The best Spring 2013 anime Suisei no GargantiaThe setting is perfect. Artwork is so amazing that I feel like I was inside beautiful Gargantia. The story is not new but perfectly narrated and hooks up viewer. I watched all 7 episode at once and OMG, it was 6 am already, the day before the final school exam.


The best Spring 2013 action Shingeki no Kyojin
Fear in despair, hope for mankind survival, revenge…all depict the beautiful yet cruel world.


The best Spring 2013 comedy Hataraku Maou-sama!


The best Spring 2013 school / slice of life
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru


The anime that its OP makes me popular the most date a live


Well, that’s all for the beginning of this summer.

Wait, I forgot to mention that the next requested winner is Namae wo Yonde from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

Let rock this summer!!

date a live デート・ア・ライブ OP [piano]

Original artist: Sweet ARMS
Title: date a live デート・ア・ライブ (OP song of the anime “date a live”)

Experiment: Choose a OP or ED song of any currently airing anime and predict its view count.
Prediction: View count will be higher than old contemporary songs.
Result: it is progressing as the initial prediction.
Lesson: Be wise, fast and carefully arrange a new song will trigger subscriber and hook up people attention.
Obstacle: Most of the song from my favorite collection are old, even from decades ago. No one has attempt to transcribe them and some of them are coming into oblivion. For new released songs, it is highly that other YouTube pianist are going to cover soon which could create competitions between us arranger/transcriber which is something I do not desire. For this particular “date a live”, another pianist had made his video.
Decision: Choose one over another: popularity with new song arrangement OR old song with peace at mind.

Best option: Keep going regardless of any type of music, for new songs, the view count will increase. For old songs, I somehow save them from oblivion. “Oh, right, I remember that song, it’s has been a long time I have heard it again”


And now, AISHITA ONNA from G-sensou no Maou. Coming up next

Request #2: Luke – tragedy (Tales of the Abyss)

Announcement: “Mischievous of Alice” is still in progress.

Last week, I received the request from Chris Perusch (CrimsonSali) to transcribe this. And now, the set is perfect complete.

The production of this video was unexpected because I had no intention of the first place of covering this sorrow piece. Yesterday, I exhausted myself to arrange “Mischievous of Alice” (sung by Yosei Teikoku) and almost gave up on that challenging project.

“Never stain yourself on music!” I recalled.

I decided to choose a requested song and at that time, because of the exhaustion, I picked the easiest among 5 requests. The truth is this piece was not so impressive to me at first time I heard it.

I still don’t know what happened when I finished the score in only 2 hours and about half an hour to practice and record. However, when I was recording, I felt the sorrow of those melody. It seemed like they and my heart synchronized together. I felt relieved, peaceful and yet rejuvenated.

Oh, there are music that can only be fully appreciated by play them.
Special thank to Chris Perusch who requested and entrusted me to transcribe.

Stay tune for my next piano most ambitious arrangement – “Mischievous of Alice”