Kimi ga Iru 􀀅キミがいる Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso 􀀅四月は君の嘘􀀋

Tokyo Ghoul √A Ep1 BMG (unknown title)

Sakura ga satai yo

First of all, let look at my 2 month old blog.

My initial was not as I expected.

Why am I doing this blog and Vangakuz’s YouTube channel? I am not neither even a music professional or someone who get a single musical award or recognition. To put it simple, I am a nobody trying to get attention by my amateurish tricks.

My 2 month YouTube channel doesn’t look so interesting enough to attract people attention and obviously, I am not quite satisfied with such result. I had been thinking about how to increase subscribers and views and here is my final conclusion:

1. Transcribing currently airing anime OP or ED:
At the time a new anime is being broadcasted, people have tendency to go to YouTube and search for anything related to that particular anime and they may end up encounter the piano cover of OP or ED. Those covers have a high chance for viewing and subscribing. For doing so, the transcriber will choose a OP/ED that no one attempt to piano cover hence, increase his/her popularity.
For this strategy, I rarely watch currently airing anime because I hate the waiting time each week for one episode. I rather wait for the whole show is complete and watch them all at once.

2. Transcribing currently airing movie/series (same as 1)

3. Performing a stunning piano cover such as Jarrod Radnich (this is out of question for me)

4. Transcribing a song on the Oricon chart or Billboard chart. Those songs are popular and good piano covers of them has higher chance than others.
For this strategy, I don’t really know why but those popular songs has little attraction to me for a long time. I have encountered the experience is that I drop to arrange a song due to losing interest, not difficulty.

5. Transcribing requested songs for free.
For this strategy, very few songs catch my attention.

For only 2 month experience of transcribing, I realize that at some certain points, I am sacrificing for music. I have experienced despair for my incompetence in the case Hitomi wo Tojite when I struggled with it. I have experienced vehement heartbeats and pressure when I record because simply, I want to produce the best footage and I never do anything good in front of a crow physically and virtually. I have experienced sorrow when I received some negative comment. I have experienced unfairness of life when I saw some others pianists. I have questioned a lot myself whether or not I am incompetent or my life environment is not optimal for music.

But I do know one thing: I will never ever repeat one huge mistake again: quit playing piano and leave the world of music. Ironical, isn’t it? I find myself contrary each time I think about music and my music. It’s painful and sorrowful but I crave for it.

And now, I finally and painfully understand that someday someone will care for my works and he/she may master them in the better way than their arranger, Vangakuz. Music helps me forget how bored life is. And it is time I sacrifice for it, desho? I will cry in peace for someone who play my sheets perfectly because he/she appreciate my works and I will cry in pain because I might not achieve the level.


“Sakura ga satai yo さくらが咲いたよ” (composed by Joe Hisaishi), please define my music. At this time, you can download the complete sheet and midi. For YouTube, I may release next week.

“Sakura ga satai yo さくらが咲いたよ” is my best Joe Hisaishi composition favorite. I wonder why this masterpiece is not so popular in the US. I love Sakura flower and this time will be the time “Sakura ga satai yo さくらが咲いたよ” expresses its beauty on piano.