Kimi ga Iru 􀀅キミがいる Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso 􀀅四月は君の嘘􀀋

Tokyo Ghoul √A Ep1 BMG (unknown title)

Request #8: Savege Sadness (from Chaos Rings)


First of all, there is no excuse for my laziness in the last month. I was really lacked of motivation. Incomplete transcriptions have been stacked on one another without reaching a point of near perfection. Each time I speed up, I feel so void in what I was trying to do. Everything seems to stop completely.

The truth is I know my limited capability is hard to handle such a huge amount of request now. Each time I finish a sheet, each time my expectation for perfection goes up. However, my slow improvement couldn’t race with my expectation; hence, I felt so frustrated and irritating.

Time by time, more and more people will visit my blog and know about me. The increments of number (views, likes, subscribers, followers, etc.) somehow are not encouragement but rather, expectation. The more expectation I have from people, the more I feel unease.

I simple whisper to myself: I am not born to be a person bringing music to the masses. I cannot bear the popularity and huge expectation from audience.

“Turn blind and keep walking”, simply as that.

“Savage sadness”, a soundtrack from the game Chaos Rings, fully depicts my feeling now.

Coming next week.

YouTube channel – First request: Hitomi wo Tojite #2 (G-Senjou no Maou OST)

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Ladies and gentlemen (should I say this? haha, not a single comment on my blog except 2 people)

Well, I finally worked things out all weekend and yesterday, I managed to record my first video using Synthogy Ivory for the audio. Synthogy Ivory has done excellent – stunning -amazing job making my crappy digital piano become unique. For that, I now temporarily accept my piano capabilities instead of buying a better one or looking to other grand pianos and feeling jealous.

Oop, sorry to mention that I accept the first request: Hitomi wo Tojite #2 (G-Senjou no Maou OST) When I received the request and had the first hearing, I thought: “Hmm, the melody is really strange, rushing and depressed. But wait a bit, the more I listen to it, the more and more I love its painful theme. This piano solo piece have a particular strong right-hand pressure. Each melody note is so bright and strong like each needle hitting your heart. But you know what, I love that pain. Furthermore, the tempo is varied at some part. It makes me imagine of being chasing, I was running as fast as I can to reach something so far away and probably never possibly reach it. When the tempo is slow, I feel like I were exhausted of running. Anyway, the piece is hard to describe. I feel a lot of emotion from it and I do love it. Ah, I remember that I played G-Senjou no Maou long time ago and did not finished not because I didn’t like but because I got sleepy from reading. I do think that the game is good.

Stay tune for my next sheets and video. Hitomi wo Tojite #2 (G-Senjou no Maou)

Check out now! My YouTube pianist debut video!
A World Without Tears (Chaos Rings Ω OST) sheet is on the “Transcription” tab.

A World Without Tears (Chaos Rings Ω OST)

Finally, my exact transcription is finished but sadly, I still haven’t figured how to concatenate the recorded audio (using Synthogy Ivory) with the video so I won’t share the sheet until the recording is complete. However, while waiting for the process, I have already upload midi file. Image

“A World Without Tears” is so easy to play yet painfully beautiful. When I finished transcribing, it felt so wonderful. Holding the sheet, I proud of myself for putting so much efforts and times to create the sheet for this masterpiece even though I am sure that it’s missing a very few notes. The song reminds me the scene Dante saved Ohm, left his last words to Vieg to keep hope and fight. That was the moment my eyes couldn’t stop the flows of tears deep in my heart. Really, really touching.

By the way, I really don’t remember why I forgot to link the midi file of my first transcription, Sakura Nagashi. Sorry about that (even though NO ONE requested). Check it out!

A World Without Tears midi:

桜流し (Sakura Nagashi) midi:

Next project – “A World Without Tears (Chaos Rings Ω OST)”


It’s has been decided. “A World Without Tears (a song from the game Chaos Rings Ω)” is my current exact transcription. “A World Without Tears” is so depressingly beautiful and is one of my favorite. It fits perfectly to the atmosphere of the game. Chaos Rings Ω, for me, is the best RPG mobile game.

Hopefully, I will finish this masterpiece perfectly and as soonest possibly and release my first recording.