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For now, I am not accepting request. SEE “HIRE ME” TAB FOR MORE INFO

Is there a song you’d like to play, but can’t find the sheet music for?

I am now taking transcribed request for free via comment on my blog or Facebook ( Send me any kind of music file you want me to transcribe. I will evaluate and answer back to you whether or not I will accept the request.

For the song and multi-instrumental pieces, do not request the difficulty. I will arrange them with my own styles. For the piano solo pieces, I will transcribe exactly as they are.
I DO NOT re-arrange piano duet piece into solo piano, unless  it is extremely catch my intention and has very high sustainability (prefer to my Musical accorded grade).

Notice that I do not choose to transcribe by the order of the time of requesting but by my preference, which means that I will transcribe the one I love and prefer more than the others. So, no complain such as: “I request first so you must do mine first.”


97 thoughts on “Request for Sheet

  1. Hello!
    I would really appreciate if you could transcribe this particular piece:

    Lossless file:
    It’s a shame, that no one transcribed it yet. It’s from G-Senjou no Maou VN which is really good. Whole soundtrack is based on remixes of classical music and it would be nice if someone could transcribe the other pieces, too.

    • I thank you for your request. That truely was a good piece with reasonable length. I love its dark theme and strong note pressure. I will attempt to the first 30 seconds and let you know whether or not I will transcribe the whole song. But you do have a high chance of being accepted.

  2. Hello, I was wondering if you can transcribe the following tracks ~ !
    – Super Kuro / Super Black (
    – Tout est Perplexe (Thème Q) from Evangelion 3.0 (
    – Quelconque 103 from Evangelion 3.0 (
    – Quiproquo 140 from Evangelion 3.0 (
    – Quatre Mains from Evangelion 3.0 (

    Have fun ~ !

    • Haah, you are a very amusing person! You are lucky (prefer my new introduction in page About me!) ALL of your request are in my music collection and they are really wonderful. Since someone like you request me to transcribe them, I gladly accept but you will have to wait patiently. The soonest is after my Request #3 AIshita onna, but I can’t say for sure at the moment when.

    • I truly thank you for introducing me this wonderful piece. I will definitely re-arranger for solo piano. And congrat: Your will be Request #4, right after Aishita Onna from G-sensou no Maou

  3. Can i request “Bheith i ngra le” by Liarsoft, Shikkoku no Sharnoth orignal soundtrack?

    Here’s a video of a pianist playing it, but no notes =(

    • Omg, holy good, you requested me a piece from one of best favorite YouTube pianist. Go for it. As u see, my request line is getting longer but u have my word.

  4. I was watching an anime movie series “kara no kyoukai’ and i instantly fall in love with the song
    I can’t anywhere else for the sheets, but here is this one guy played the song (without sheets)

    The song is Fairytale, sung by Kalafina and composer is Kajiura Yuki (i love this composer)

    Can I please request the sheets for this song?

    • It is a coincidence! I plan to arrange this in near future. Kajiura is one of my top favorite composer. Her style is such simple, elegant but painfully beautifully sorrowful. However, I will arrange this song with my own style which means my cover and your requested cover from YouTube video will not be the same, but it will be full version.

      • That is perfect!
        I have seen like short unfinished versions before on some other websites, so far this is the only good full version I have found (looped for n times already) ahaha

        Thank you for taking my request into consideration!

  5. Hi there,

    I saw that you already have Sakura Nagashi by Utada Hikaru in Eb and D and working with your notes atm.
    I planning to perform the song at a singer’s night in Berlin and was wondering if you could maybe transcribe it into Db or C (or both)?
    In any case thanks for your great for so far.



    • wow, I never expect someone would use my sheet for a live. if that the case, can you record your performance for me to see? but I don’t really understand your request. you want me to arrange new sheet or to transpose it? and why, Db or C? is my original sheet hard to play?

      • Hahaha it’s just a small singer’s night really. The reason is not that it’s hard to play but that the key is too high for me to sing to. Utada sings it in Db which I will try to do but I think I’d have to go down to C. In any case I need it in a lower key. You don’t need to make a new sheet just transpose it.

        And yes of course I can send you a video from the performance but please don’t expect too much, if you want my friend who organises the event can also link you on her eZine.

        Here is her webpage:

  6. (for some reason the reply link won’t show up on your last comment so here I go).

    Thank you so much!
    Can you send it to when it’s finished?
    The singer’s night is on June 1st, I will send you the video of my performance afterwards.

    Have a great day!


  7. Hi there! I wonder why nobody requested “Savage sadness” from original Chaos Rings I just love this OST (from the whole series). I hope you agree to arrange this.
    Ps. I checked the request list, and your transcriptions, but I can… Be blind at times. Somehow. So please, don’t be mad, if I missed something.

  8. Hi, sorry for the double post, but I’m a little worried you didn’t notice my other request.

    Here’s the post I left on the other page:

    I have a song I’ve been absolutely dying to play, but because of my lack of piano skills, I’ve ultimately been unable to transcribe this myself.


    Would really appreciate it if you were able to transcribe this for me. I’ve actually been trying to hunt some people down to help me (including my friends), but they kind of gave up on it.

    IF you decide to accept this, I would love the sheet music emailed to:

    Thank you in advance!

  9. Hey, I stumbled upon your blog and I have to say you’ve got some great stuff here! I was very surprised to see that you’ve created a transcription for “Crescent” (Kara no Shoujo). There seems to be a saddening lack of transcriptions around for this wonderfully orchestrated game.

    Having said that, and, of course, having seen that you accept requests, I would ask you to take a look at “Holiday” from Kara no Shoujo. This song is one of my personal favorite tracks from the game, along with the titular “Kara no Shoujo” track, but that one has already been transcribed.

    Here’s a link, and if you’re interested then I’d be much obliged if you’d consider transcribing it. Thanks for your time! 😀

    The singing and piano version of Time from the Persona 3 OST
    I’d just like the instrumentals, please don’t include the vocals in the sheet music!
    I’d like sheet music for the piano part 🙂 and guiar chords for the guitar part/ Thanks!!!!
    Here is the link to the mp3

  11. Hi! You do very nice work! I’d like to request this very beautiful piano piece, “Myth” by Beach House. I’ve tried to transcribe it myself, but I can’t get past 0:44. The melody starts at about 1:27. What do you think?

  12. Absolutely fantastic work transcribing Aishita onna! I’ve been looking for that one for years.

    If possible, I’d like to request another one of my favorites from G-Senjou no Maou: Sayounara

  13. Hi, Any chance you could transcribe this song?

    It’s so peaceful and melodic and I really want to learn to play it.

  14. Hello, Thank you so much for taking requests. Can you transcribe “The Land Desolate” by Noriyasu Agematsu. I hope you like it as much as I do. It’s so beautifully composed.

  15. Absolutely amazingly well-done transcriptions. It’s definitely hard to find skilled person to transcript music but here I found one! So, I have been searching these 2 piano cover for half a year but I can’t until you gave me a hope. This 2 OST is what I am searching for, I hope u like and enjoy them 🙂

  16. Hi,
    Greatly appreciates your effort in transcribing Anime musics/songs! I would like put a request in for Mugen, from White Album (vocal by Mizuki Nana):
    NOTE: In the video, the song don’t actually start till 00:30—so if you just want to get to the song, feel free to skip ahead.
    P.S. Also, if you haven’t already heard of the Kalafina group, I think it’d be great to have a listen to their songs when you get around to =) (just Youtube: Kalafina)

    • I am a big fan of Nana. I will take Mugen into consideration. Kalafina and Yuki Kajiura? How could I not know them? Seventh Heaven is the best.

      • Thanks in at advance =D!!

        Yeah~ stupid comment I know, didn’t think you’d not know them either, but just thought to bring it to the table in setting up for my next requests ^^;;

        Guess it’s a personal preference thing, my two favorites are Natsu no Ringo & Kizuato.

      • **Hopefully I didn’t double post, my msg isn’t showing on my browser atm**

        Thanks in at advance =D!!

        Yeah~ stupid comment I know, didn’t think you’d not know them either, but just thought to bring it to the table in setting up for my next requests ^^;;

        Guess it’s a personal preference thing, my two favorites are Natsu no Ringo & Kizuato.

  17. Hello 🙂

    I wanted to ask you if you could transcribe/make a music sheet for the song called “Sweet Love” from the anime A little snow fairy sugar. I’ve been trying to transcribe it myself for about 5 years now but I fail…so..yeah…no progress.. I’m an amateur…so yea… But it would be soooo great if you could make a music sheet for it ;_;

    Here’s a link:

    Its a piano ost so it shouldn’t be hard to hear it. I hope that it will be included in your list ;-;
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my message. Have a good evening!

  18. could you please transcribe the original score from the 1990 Lord of the Flies movie? the artist is Philippe Sarde. Could it be transcribed into violin or piano? here is the link

  19. Hi,
    I think you can abandon transcriptions of two pieces you want to transcribe from “From up on Poppy Hill.” I transcribed almost whole album and it will be on for starters. (I’m at the end of proofreading.)
    But still, you can correct it if you really want. 😉

  20. Hey there,
    Perhaps this piece from the visual novel Sekien no Inganock may interest you
    Composed and Arranged by Shinichiro Matsumoto (M.U.T.S Music Studio)
    Lyrics/Vocals by Rita

  21. Hey there, I was wondering if you could transcribe, I’ve seen that some people have already requested other OST from this game series (chaos rings), I’ve been searching like crazy for a transcribed sheet or even a synthesia version but I couldn’t find any of them.
    Hope it you like it enough to work on it ^~^

  22. Hello, really appreciate your works.
    I absolutely love this song, and I hope you will be able to do this?
    If not, thanks anyway for just looking at it.
    Love Deterrence – (Paz Theme) [Acoustic Guitar Duo]

    This may help you?

    Someone did this already but I asked him about this and he did it all by ear.

    • Thank for coming to me. First, I need to make sure that you know I am no longer accepting request for FREE. Second, according to the difficulty and length, your cost is around $60 to $80. I am not so sure how hard it is gonna be just yet. If you are OK with that, please let me know.

  23. Hello I really love your works.
    I’ve been wanting for the transcription for this quite a while already.
    I hope this interests you.

  24. hi, thank you very much for your work.
    i’d like to have the sheet music of “the beatitudes” performed by kronos quartet, even just for violin part.
    here is the link:

    thank you very much.

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