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Buy 1 album anywhere, get free 10 sheets/midis of you choice by sending me the confirmed receipt to  vangakuz@gmail.com

Date a live [2013]

Elegant Endurance [2017]


I take of $20 to $35 per minute of 1 song/piece to arrange/transcribe. Deposit half of final price.

Type: exact transcribe, arrange and re-arrange (simplify or advance)
1. Piano solo.
2. Piano solo with vocal or another instrument.
3. Piano duet.
4. Vocal with chord only.


As far as you know, I have dropped a lot of requests due to lack of interest and being busy with my daily life. It’s hard to keep up with any hobby nowadays, you all know that we have a life to be taken care of.

Up until now, all of my finished works and requests are all FREE of charge. I put my heart to all of my works without consideration of receiving any pay-off.

However, day by day, requests are stacked up. It is not that they are tasteless songs/pieces but simply, they are not interested to me. And you all know that it is hard to do something we don’t have a feeling of compassion for.

So, I hope you all understand that the decision of hiring and charging is reasonable.

If you have a video/song/piece wanted to be transcribed, HIRE ME. Payments are by PayPal under the tab “Request for sheet” (click on Paypal image there)

What if you don’t have PayPal account to make purchases for your request and my works?

Amazon gift code, eBay gift code and as alternative payments.

~~~~ hurry now and hire me, you know for sure that there are thousands of song/piece that you will never ever find sheet music for in the rest of your life. I, Vangakuz, is your solution.

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