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Million years Ago [Adele] PIANO ACCOMPANY

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Million years Ago [Adele] PIANO SOLO

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Dưới Những Cơn Mưa [Mr. Siro]
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Vì tôi còn sống [Tiên Tiên]
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Tong Hua 童话 (Fairy Tale)
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Kimi ga Iru 􀀅キミがいる Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso 􀀅四月は君の嘘􀀋

Tokyo Ghoul √A Ep1 BMG (unknown title)

Gone [Jim Chappell’s composition]

Too lazy to transcribe and arrange my own 😉

This time, let take a shot listening to New Age genre with one of the most favorite of Jim Chappell’s compositions, Gone.

Jim Chappell, an evocative melodist with the hands of simplicity but elegance; a melodic creator with the need of dynamic fusion of performer’s soul.

Gone and Heartsong are my most two loved Jim Chappell’s composition and I used to longed to play these two on my own when I first listened to them. The flowing melodies can blow all of pressure and stress from normally bored life.

Gone is basically a easy piece to play. However, without dynamic execution of every single note, the piece easily become souless and emotionless even though the tempo and notes are followed correctly. Due to these reason, Gone is actually a hard piece to play.

When I recorded the song countless time and endlessly review it, I felt something crucial was missing but didn’t really figure it out what the missing piece was. I listened to my own recording when driving, sleeping and eating for 1 day. Bang, it was the reverberation.

Yep, enjoy Gone with extra reverb, my fellow audience.






The mark of my return: Santa Claus no Sora (from Aria)

I was so wrong that people are destined to be with one another. People fundamentally born alone. There is always a tiny little loneliness in our heart. Thankfully, I can adapt to the big one of mine and exploit it. Yes, I am here once again. The stage always wait for me and unseen audience all around the world are in grief for me to return. I am sorry all of all who remember me.

The mark of my return!

I consider my sky is the same as Santa Claus in this beautiful piece. Truly, it is great to be back. After 9 months of hiatus, I am now certain that music, my blog, and my stage of performance here will never ever ceased to exist.

With my empty hand, without the acclaim of other considering me as a pianist, I still always contribute my little talent to the world, I will always come to you to dig up melodies that only you remember. From there, we can once again enlighten the music that has been forgotten by time. From there, you won’t be the only one hearing those melodies that you think only you have it.

Let the true beauty defeat popularity to dead.

“Minna, namae wo yonde, Vangakuz”

“なまえをよんで Vangakuz”