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Date a live [2013]

Elegant Endurance [2017]

UPDATE April 22 2016:
I am willing to share my works with all of you, who play piano and who love music. I don’t receive any money or any profit from my works. Hence, DO NOT use my MIDI file to create a video using Synthesia or other similar software and upload to your own channel. If you want to do so, ask my permission first. On the other hand, it is totally perfect for you to perform, record and upload YOUR OWN PLAYING using my sheet.

Here you can post question about my arrangement/transcription and other anime related things.

Common Q&A:

1. Why are your videos have such clear sound?
– I record with Synthogy Ivory and Keyscape.

2. What is you favorite music bands and singers?
– Mostly Japanese such as Yuroko Nakamura, Joe Hisaishi, fripSide, KOTOKO, Yousei Teikoku, Lia, LiSA, Shunichi Miyamoto, Ken Hirai, CHEMISTRY, Aira Yuuki and more. Each of them has unique style and song that I will never forget and certainly , I will transcribe a lot of their songs in near future.

3. Which animes impress you the most?- Depend of different perspectives. Clannad: After Story is the best anime ever for me and has the best OST. The series and movie of Evangelion has the best “dark” OST collection. I also love the insanity of Mirai Nikki the psycho of Hirugashi Naku Koro Ni, the courage of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

26 thoughts on “Ask me anything!

  1. Hello there! As a fellow pianist I was wondering what you use to transcribe music.
    Great work on your current songs btw! Looking forward to more.

    • To be brief, you need a set of software:
      1. Music notation: Sibelius with playback feature, recognition from digital piano.
      2. Midi converter: Any kind is good. This detect the key signature and time signature for the song you want to transcribe.
      3. Synthogy Ivory VST. integrate with Sibelius.
      4. Audacity: to modify audio to be easier to pick the right note.
      and the most important requirement is

  2. I was so glad to see that you have an exact transcription of Sakura Nagashi but when I tried to download it, the mediafire link was broken? Is it still available to download somehow?

  3. i just wanna say thanks for the sheet music + effort! I was looking everywhere for world without tears sheet music & you’re a lifesaver. omg, 😀
    I completely agree with you, too. omega is my favorite one out of the trilogy (though, there’s a fourth one coming out), followed by CR2.
    anyways, i’ll stop talking… I just wanted to say thanks ! ❤
    ps: def gonna look at the other sheet music you have up ! ^__^

  4. Hello. What MIDI interface do you use? With my Kawai CN24 I use Roland UM-ONE (sent by but with MIDI Issue and also I tried to use MIDI Link Mini that I bought but without succes.

  5. Hi Vangakuz,

    Just want to say you inspired me to start my own music blog, I also don’t have many people in real life with this interest so I followed your footsteps and shared my work with people online. Please keep it up and don’t stop taking requests. Even if you think no one is reading you post, I will definitely follow you. Also I’m a big fan of your Chaos Rings transcriptions.

    – Your biggest fan

    • I am always longed for comment like this. I thank you for your appreciation. For me, the past hiatus is a crime betraying fans like you. But now, you have my word of devotion.

      P/s: I have visited your blog. In case if you want to do colab with me, feel free to transcribe and request me to play or vice versa.

      • It’s my pleasure I should be thanking you! I know you will come back with more of you wonderful videos.
        I would love to do a colab, although I don’t have anything other than a toaster… I mean phone to record with and my performance skill is terrible, I’ll try my best. You can play any of my transcriptions if you want.

        PS you play wonderfully, And more videos plz.

  6. Hello, I recently finished the Anime “Girls Bravo” and what a great show indeed. On episode six where the girls are leaving back to their home and the first piano theme ends, there was a sad piano theme afterwards. I was wondering if you could write the piano music for that thanks.

  7. Hello! I just recently ordered a sheet music copy of “Koi no Yokushiryoku ~ Love Deterrence” off of Paypal, but I don’t have a Paypal so I ended up ordering it as a guest. How will I receive the sheet? Let me know if you need my e-mail, please.

  8. I recently purchased a music sheet and I was wondering how I’ll be getting that since I paid by card and not through PayPal?

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