Revolution: Hoping of anything Eternal only brings us to Nothingness

Revolution: Hoping of anything Eternal only brings us to Nothingness.

Flowers are symbols decorating beauty…end it freshness, come to dust and flies to be gone with the wind.

Women is a recreation of man by the Supreme God… the beauty but of seduction and lust… a source of sin. However, in the end, by only time, they are faded away by just simply aging.

Love is desirable, excited, wonderful and a meaning of life. Sadly, it can overpower and influence the way we think in a negative way. Scientifically, love is just simply a meaning that keep human continue to do what all living creature have to do: reproduction. What if we create our offspring without the love of our soulmate? Ironically, what we call Love is just a mean to keep human advance to the next generation. Ironically, we know that hurtful fact but continue to seek one for us. Remember, no one live his life with another in the rest of his life.

As a musician, I always try to seek and create strings of melody that can never be faded away. I was wrong. I mean if nothing have the characteristic of eternity, can anything represent anything eternal? Even with the greatest and oldest melodies, they are going into oblivion. However, one could argue that classical music can surpass time; it is the only genre that can exist with the flow of time. True…but…then why new genres keeps producing and creating in different manners than classical music. And why we have something call “Contemporary music”?

Better late than never!

It is me who is so stubborn being unable to leave old expression, old memory, aged melody and most importantly, the old me. I have to let something go in order to perceive the better. Still, as a slow reactor, I have lived in the past more than present and nothing could change that. I just can’t let aged melody be gone. As a result, isolation and oblivion keeps haunting me in the rest of my life.

Interesting, deep down in the meaning of previous sentence, you and I both know that there is ONE thing that is ETERNAL.


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