Tokyo Ghoul √A Ep1 BMG (unknown title)

Alternative payments

What if you don’t have PayPal account to make purchases for your request and my works?

No worry!

I now accept Amazon gift code, eBay gift code and crypto-currency Bitcoin as alternative payments.

If you know Bitcoin then it’s the best solution for me.

~~~~ hurry now and hire me, you know for sure that there are thousands of song/piece that you will never ever find sheet music for in the rest of your life. I, Vangakuz, is your solution.

Selling all Sibelius project files

All of my sibelius project now files are now available for purchase. Note that with sibelius file, you have all access to the score and can modify in any way you want. While the sheet and midi files are free, some are amazingly cheap, I can’t do that with Sibelius files.

Hope to have your understanding on this.

Again, please refer to “Hire me!” tab for more infomation.