Yahello, new season!!!

First of all, please allow me to sincerely apologize for a long disappearance.

I had never watched currently airing anime before Spring 2013 season but due to my lack of research to find good old anime, I decided to try some of the currently airing anime. Omg, it feel so wonderful each time a new episodes come out. However, before I take my first yawning, 25 minutes per week were so short and I am a very impatient person on following a show i n such a long time waiting.

I had such a great time watching lot of anime Spring 2013. Each finale of each show always gives me such desired sadness because I won’t see my favorite each week anymore.


Hataraku Maou-sama! – best seasonal comedy


This show is hilarious though the ending is slow. It is comedy type but at some point, it is also a good demonstration the conflict and border between evil and good. I remember my point of view about life when I was a teenage and I am now have a huge differences. In a lot of certain circumstances, I can’t hardly tell what is right or wrong. Even though this show is mostly for entertainment, I found myself sometimes rumble about what should be happen for Maou. He was dark lord but completely changing after coming to Earth to live as a human being. Well, I guessed to myself that what should be the ending for this show. It turned out that the end is quite satisfactory because it doesn’t judge the right and wrong but rather, it keeps the sense of humor which is the main theme of this show.
Rating: 8/10

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru


Briiliant! The show depicts the reality closely but keeps its attraction. I find myself identify a lot with Hachiman, a loner but also a hero that hardly nobody notice. Watching this show makes me remember my middle school time which is one the worst period time of my life, to be certain. Even after high school and now, sometimes I even find my old self, questioning about what the point of contacting people is. Honestly, what is the point of making friends and let them into my heart and someday, they will just be gone. I heard a lot people talking that they has some meaning in my life but seriously, be specific: what meaning? Nah, nobody know, right? So, it is meaningless.Rating: 8/10

Date a live


The story was OK.
Rating: 7/10


1. I have no intention of doing any kind of full version of Date a live but due to many request, this video was born both from your expectation, my hesitation and rushing.
2. For those who watched the anime, you know that the piano version in episode 12 is slightly different than the one in episode 9. Base on my intuition, I know that the upcoming version in the official soundtrack was the complete one.
3. I decided to wait for the official soundtrack “DATE A LIVE Music Selection SECOND HALF” before recording this video.
4. I was a little bit disappointed because the official track in the album is not fully complete in relation of the vocal version.

So, my final decision was to arrange the full version based on the official piano version. Tada, here you are! I hope you enjoy this video as the previous short one.

I never thought that Date a Live has so much meaningful to me. It is the song that contribute the most for my reputation. I have the most views, likes, download times of the sheet/midi/audio. I was so surprise to see my audio stat yesterday with more than 300 download time of Date a live mp3. 300 is not too much but is far more than my expectation for me as a new YouTube pianist.

Let hope that the second season of Date a live is good as the first. Well, I will miss moe Itsuka Kotori more than ever.