Aishita Onna 愛した女 from G-Senjou no Maou

It is almost complete.


I finally managed to beat all the school works last week and had completely no time for music. It’s the last month of the semester before summer time so I will be also quite busy this whole month because of upcoming exams and finals.

Also, I want to mention the request poll. I am going close it soon because I have quite a lot now. The deal here is I only accept 3 more requests before temporarily closing it. By the way, I want to thank you all of requester for taking me to a lot of wonderful music. They all suit my taste more or less. I don’t know why but I has assumed that the requested pieces should be hard, have fast tempo, lively melodies and etc. Bu t I were wrong. Most of them are soft, mellow, simple yet elegant.

After 4 year, Aishita Onna 愛した女 is going to be played again by you and me.

Stay tune!


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