Continuation for the path I have chosen


The 2 versions of date a live [piano] デート・ア・ライブ OP haves unexpectedly high view counts and likes counts than I had imagined and predicted. Also, they have brought a lot of subscribers to my channel.  As I stated before, date a live デート・ア・ライブ is a great song and I decided to experiment with it: transcribed and recorded to YouTube. In just a short time, the download times of the sheet and midi far surpass than all my transcriptions except Sakura Nagashi.

Wow, I felt so great that a lot of people have finally take notice at me.




I am not being unsatisfied but somehow, by this experiment, I realize:

“That is how music nowadays exist. A song shines at it brightest light at its very first period of time. In a first few months, listener go to the music store to buy a new singer/album, go searching on the Internet the new music.

…then it fades away its existence…..

1 year, 2 years and many years has passed….


The song seems like it was not existed in the first place. People are forgetting the songs they used to listen to and continue find new music to suit their ears.”

That was I thought. Even though I know that each song has its own sustainability to shine but I just can’t stand the fact that a lot of music are going into oblivion.

“Music is Qualia!” In scientific term, sound is a qualia that refers to individual instances of subjective, conscious experience. Each note on the piano just has different frequencies that our, human brain detect its differently.

Thinking like a scientist surely makes me feel void in the heart.

“Oh, right! Just how many song that I used to enjoyed that has been deleted from my collection. Oh my God, I hardly remember as if they were not existed.

The continuation of music creation also means the oblivion the old composition is going into oblivion.

But fortunate enough, I know for sure that in some people heart and soul, they still crave for those masterpiece of melody.

How can I tell? By receiving request, I luckily know that there are people are craving for the “being-forgotten” melody and find a new way of enjoying it: they are entrusting me depict each amazing note into a complete sheet so that they can enjoy by playing it. Is anything happier for them than they themselves create the notes they love so much by their own hand on the piano?

I have encountered a lot of YouTube pianists who only transcribe “current” anime OP and ED song. They have no intention of transcribe old good songs. I wonder why. One obvious reason is that the cover of an old song will not attract people attention and will not have much view count than the cover of new song regardless of which one is better.

Ping back at me, myself, a self-claim pianist, I, the name is Vangakuz, have a eternal mission: going back to the past and keep finding the music that is going to be forgotten. I know it is hard to attract people by doing so. But it does not mean that I reject new coming melody from the world. I will keep on going contribute.

It is time to sacrifice for music as music has done so to me…………….



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