Side Request #3 : Michi ha Hyouga Nari 道は氷河なり

Finally, I managed to transcribe and perform despite my busy college works.

As I stated before, I want to make the score for all “Answer” ‘s variation (a song from famous visual novel G-sensou no Maou). However, I think I will exclude Aizou no Nare no Hate and Answer. dimemannico2, a high-skilled and retired YouTube pianist, had perform his excellency of Answer 4 years ago. Hmm, surely, for such a long time, I wonder why no one, other than him, has attempt to transcribe or arrange any amazing song from this visual novel, can you imagine that? For me, I am not a particular fan of visual novel and have never complete one.

In this blog, I truly thank you the first requester, Zireael3 (from Poland), who introduced me G-sensou no Maou, also, the third requester, Eric (from Indonesia) who suggested me arrange Aishita Onna.

Back to my plan, for Answer, I don’t plan to transcribe this song simply, because, dimemannico2 had his cover. So, I will only make the score for Aishita Onna and I think this will be the last song from G sensou no Maou I arrange for.

And as always, you can freely download my sheet under Transcription page.


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