Welcome, Hyades!


I had been searching for so long a new digital piano that can sustain my hits for the most challenging performance “Mischievous of Alice” and here, Kawai CN24 which is named Hyades.

I could afford a grand piano but there is not enough room in my little house. Also, I usually play at night and a grand piano cannot be modified its volume. And most importantly, for arranging music, it could take me more than 1 week to complete a sheet without using MIDI through to PC and Sibelius playback feature. Surely, technology saves me a lot of time.

Kawai CN42 is far more better than my old Celviano. They Ivory key touch is good and the key action is excellent and more suitable to Synthogy and recording. With her, I can now play at ease and have no fear of breaking the key which happened to the key E2 of my old piano.

Just a few more days until “Mischievous of Alice”


One thought on “Welcome, Hyades!

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