The new era has just begun

It’s has been a long time. I am going to state why I had been off activity for almost a month:


1. “Mischievous of Alice” is far beyond my skill. But I already master it yesterday.

2. Could you believe that when I was practicing, one key from my old deficient piano had been flown away and flied into my forehead? Just what the fuck?

That was key E2, the most repeated key of “Mischievous of Alice”. Let me tell you one thing first, my digital piano you saw on my YouTube channel is Casio Celviano AP-220, one of the cheapest piano you can find on marketplace. I was so happy when Amazon delivered her on May 27th 2012. I named her Memmoria Celviano. As tine went by, the keyboard lost its sustainability to endure my hits.

“I hope you can find another master and I hope that he/she will treasure you as I used to be, Memmoria.Thank you for being with me all this time!” I said to her when I sold her to a local musical store.


3. Due to some days of not having a piano, “Mischievous of Alice” is obviously delayed.


One thought on “The new era has just begun

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