Mischievous of Alice – in recording

Finally, it’s right here!

“Mischievous of Alice” is certainly my most ambitious arranged transcription. It defines a part of my arranged technique and playing style. As time goes by with several transcription, I kinda surprise myself of how I develop my hearing, my tendency of arranging as well as my hands’ dexterity. They are all improving but a little SLOWLY.

Here, the first page of my sheet


By first impression, you can see that the sheet is written with 2 bass clefs and the key signature is Ebm, which is one of the most challenging key to play on the piano. And you will find septuplet and octuplet for transition.

By working hard with all of my passion for music and Yousei Teikoku, I have learned a lot from “Mischievous of Alice” and while practicing, I realized that my hand should be light and quick but also powerful at anytime necessary. It means that I have to control my hand muscle more flexible and reduce hesitation at important transitions.

The sheet and midi file are already finished and I will, as always, share my work with you after the recording which is probably uploaded on Tuesday.


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