Mischievous of Alice – The most ambitious transcription

According to my polls, “Mischievous of Alice” (OP song of the PS2 game “Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos”) will be my next project.


Seriously!!! I have carried a lot of ideas for a long time for putting this song into piano melody. It is now the time for me to built up my playing style and for you to see the other level of anime music and piano transcription.

Yousei Teikoku (妖精帝國), one of my favorite Japanese band, never fail to produce Gothic style music. I love Yui Itsuki and her supremely emotional vocal. For anime audience, you may recognized her by Kuusou Mesorogiwi, OP song of Mirai Nikki (one of my top 5 anime) I know Yousei Teikoku since I watched Mirai Nikki and have followed closely to their music and desperately waiting for their next single and album.

Yousei Teikoku 3

Due to the high level of insane difficulty, it will take a long time for me to process the sheet and produce YouTube footage so I will be gone from this blog probably 2 week or more (also because of daily life headaches and my upcoming college midterm).

And for request, because I want to focus all of my energy and effort to create the hardest “Mischievous of Alice”, all of request will be on hold. I still evaluate all of the request and I promise that I won’t refuse any of them in the near future. You can check the request’s status under “Request pending” page.

I also want to thank all of requester for entrusting me to transcribe your favorite song. Once I accept the request, I work with all my heart and effort to produce the best sheet as possible.

P/s: I realize that I am talking loud now. Deep from my heart, my decision of transcribing “Mischievous of Alice” carries its supreme fear. I have no problem of transcribing and I have high satisfaction of my piano sheet. However, the fear here is that I won’t be able to play smoothly and effortlessly my own sheet. That’s would be shame!

Let hope for the best!

Now go to Questions/Polls/Vote!


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