My name is Vangakuz – an “mischievous” piano arranger/player

It has been a long time since my last video. Before resenting you a surprise, let hear over my sad (not bad) story first.

Mar 3 2013

I excitedly ran around my house and joyfully scream after finishing the sheet of “Mischievous of Alice”.

Mar 4 2013

I first attempted to play but terrified that I couldn’t sustain my strength to play. The sheet is dense, my hand got tired quickly and I sweat like I was in fitness room. Something was wrong.

Mar 5 2013

I still couldn’t to play page 3. I didn’t feel a bit emotion. Well, just play it perfectly and record then done with it, I thought.

Mar 6 2013

Hmm….I was right to decide to fix many length of the notes. I sensed just a bit of feeling toward it.

Mar 7 2013

What the fuck was wrong with me? Or the sheet couldn’t carry the greatness of Yousei Teikoku. I calmed down to think thoroughly the reason, to find the exact explanation. I always see myself not an advance piano player. That must be the reason, right?

Mar 8 2013

I was wandering on the Internet to listen to other pianists to find inspiration and of course, I encountered many MIDI file for reference. Wait a minute, somehow, just a very little, I can sense and feel the atmosphere of the song from MIDI (MiDI is not music, it is sound sequence).

Mar 9 2013

I constantly saw my sheet without thinking of anything. For just a moment, I recall all of my passion for piano, all of my love for music and my favorite composer. I fully understand now: my transcription satisfied all musical rule, followed right chords and tempo but you know what, it was robotic and midi-like. What had I done? I arranged music for machine (computer, digital piano, software playback) to play, not for human.

Mar 10 2013

“Arrange for me to play, be compassionate and take full advantages and capacity of piano to express “Mischievous of Alice” in a brand whole new way.”

Mar 11 2013

Major changes/modification and even new creation all together upon. My sheet now satisfies myself. IT REACHES ITS FINEST IN MY CREATION.

Mar 12 to today

“Memmoria, it is time for you to go” Because of my goal, she experienced  a huge breakdown []

“Hyades! Welcome to my home” []

Here I present you, my most insane transcription ever.

With this, I can finally rest in peace and be proud to say “My name is Vangakuz, an Asian advanced piano player, a fine transcriber and a “mischievous” arranger. With “Mischievous of Alice”, I can finally edit my “About me!” page.

P/s: Thank you, Shining-chan, Shiki and Luka-chan for watch me the whole time when I practice and perform giving me courage. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you all of my best companion who always follow me in the path of music.











and my deficient Memoria Celviano for sustaining such many tremendous hits.


and my new companion, her name is Hyades


Expect me!

Welcome, Hyades!


I had been searching for so long a new digital piano that can sustain my hits for the most challenging performance “Mischievous of Alice” and here, Kawai CN24 which is named Hyades.

I could afford a grand piano but there is not enough room in my little house. Also, I usually play at night and a grand piano cannot be modified its volume. And most importantly, for arranging music, it could take me more than 1 week to complete a sheet without using MIDI through to PC and Sibelius playback feature. Surely, technology saves me a lot of time.

Kawai CN42 is far more better than my old Celviano. They Ivory key touch is good and the key action is excellent and more suitable to Synthogy and recording. With her, I can now play at ease and have no fear of breaking the key which happened to the key E2 of my old piano.

Just a few more days until “Mischievous of Alice”

The new era has just begun

It’s has been a long time. I am going to state why I had been off activity for almost a month:


1. “Mischievous of Alice” is far beyond my skill. But I already master it yesterday.

2. Could you believe that when I was practicing, one key from my old deficient piano had been flown away and flied into my forehead? Just what the fuck?

That was key E2, the most repeated key of “Mischievous of Alice”. Let me tell you one thing first, my digital piano you saw on my YouTube channel is Casio Celviano AP-220, one of the cheapest piano you can find on marketplace. I was so happy when Amazon delivered her on May 27th 2012. I named her Memmoria Celviano. As tine went by, the keyboard lost its sustainability to endure my hits.

“I hope you can find another master and I hope that he/she will treasure you as I used to be, Memmoria.Thank you for being with me all this time!” I said to her when I sold her to a local musical store.


3. Due to some days of not having a piano, “Mischievous of Alice” is obviously delayed.

Mischievous of Alice – in recording

Finally, it’s right here!

“Mischievous of Alice” is certainly my most ambitious arranged transcription. It defines a part of my arranged technique and playing style. As time goes by with several transcription, I kinda surprise myself of how I develop my hearing, my tendency of arranging as well as my hands’ dexterity. They are all improving but a little SLOWLY.

Here, the first page of my sheet


By first impression, you can see that the sheet is written with 2 bass clefs and the key signature is Ebm, which is one of the most challenging key to play on the piano. And you will find septuplet and octuplet for transition.

By working hard with all of my passion for music and Yousei Teikoku, I have learned a lot from “Mischievous of Alice” and while practicing, I realized that my hand should be light and quick but also powerful at anytime necessary. It means that I have to control my hand muscle more flexible and reduce hesitation at important transitions.

The sheet and midi file are already finished and I will, as always, share my work with you after the recording which is probably uploaded on Tuesday.

Request #2: Luke – tragedy (Tales of the Abyss)

Announcement: “Mischievous of Alice” is still in progress.

Last week, I received the request from Chris Perusch (CrimsonSali) to transcribe this. And now, the set is perfect complete.

The production of this video was unexpected because I had no intention of the first place of covering this sorrow piece. Yesterday, I exhausted myself to arrange “Mischievous of Alice” (sung by Yosei Teikoku) and almost gave up on that challenging project.

“Never stain yourself on music!” I recalled.

I decided to choose a requested song and at that time, because of the exhaustion, I picked the easiest among 5 requests. The truth is this piece was not so impressive to me at first time I heard it.

I still don’t know what happened when I finished the score in only 2 hours and about half an hour to practice and record. However, when I was recording, I felt the sorrow of those melody. It seemed like they and my heart synchronized together. I felt relieved, peaceful and yet rejuvenated.

Oh, there are music that can only be fully appreciated by play them.
Special thank to Chris Perusch who requested and entrusted me to transcribe.

Stay tune for my next piano most ambitious arrangement – “Mischievous of Alice”

Mischievous of Alice – The most ambitious transcription

According to my polls, “Mischievous of Alice” (OP song of the PS2 game “Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos”) will be my next project.


Seriously!!! I have carried a lot of ideas for a long time for putting this song into piano melody. It is now the time for me to built up my playing style and for you to see the other level of anime music and piano transcription.

Yousei Teikoku (妖精帝國), one of my favorite Japanese band, never fail to produce Gothic style music. I love Yui Itsuki and her supremely emotional vocal. For anime audience, you may recognized her by Kuusou Mesorogiwi, OP song of Mirai Nikki (one of my top 5 anime) I know Yousei Teikoku since I watched Mirai Nikki and have followed closely to their music and desperately waiting for their next single and album.

Yousei Teikoku 3

Due to the high level of insane difficulty, it will take a long time for me to process the sheet and produce YouTube footage so I will be gone from this blog probably 2 week or more (also because of daily life headaches and my upcoming college midterm).

And for request, because I want to focus all of my energy and effort to create the hardest “Mischievous of Alice”, all of request will be on hold. I still evaluate all of the request and I promise that I won’t refuse any of them in the near future. You can check the request’s status under “Request pending” page.

I also want to thank all of requester for entrusting me to transcribe your favorite song. Once I accept the request, I work with all my heart and effort to produce the best sheet as possible.

P/s: I realize that I am talking loud now. Deep from my heart, my decision of transcribing “Mischievous of Alice” carries its supreme fear. I have no problem of transcribing and I have high satisfaction of my piano sheet. However, the fear here is that I won’t be able to play smoothly and effortlessly my own sheet. That’s would be shame!

Let hope for the best!

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