One Little Wish – my past “One Little Wish”

Here, One Little Wish:

As always, it’s excited each time I upload a new video. And here now, “One Little Wish” sung by Yōko Takahashi 高橋 洋子, a song from “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis 2009 Version”.
I assume that you all know the famous song “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”. However, I wonder why no one has covered “One Little Wish”. I think that OP and ED songs will have much more potential for pianists to transcribe. So, I know for sure that other insert songs and soundtracks will hardly catch any attention from piano players to be transcribed someday. I have been wandering on the Internet using English and even translated Japanese to find piano sheets for my favorite songs but always ended up in despair.
I also have encountered a ton of piano player’s blogs and YouTube channels saying that they only do “currently airing anime” OPs and EDs and rarely play old songs.

Well, I decided to transcribe sheets myself with the fear of not being able to play them. As you can see, my skill at this moment is limited. It’s sad to say that my sheets at some points contain parts that I have lot of headaches to practice. Just a few days ago, I wondered myself that whether it’s too soon for me to transcribe and create YouTube channel. Am I useless?

“You have no idea of how your philosophy can lead you to live and how fate can torture your life”

It was hard for me to keep up the dream of musical career. And I had abandoned music and piano long ago. There was no way for me to inspire other people to love music!

So what? Right here, right now, some of you watch my video, practice my sheet and grateful to me to transcribe that song. At the moment, I have 200 views only for “A world without tears” with 18 subscribers. I am confident to say that I have high satisfaction for my piano transcription even though I am not to proud of my playing skill.

Yes, I still can bring music to everybody in a lot of ways.

That is my “One Little Wish”



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