“One Little Wish” FINISHED and Hitomi wo Tojite (G-Senjou no Maou) FIXED

I CAN BE PROUD OF MYSELF again……..yayayayay…..


For very few people who downloaded Hitomi wo Tojite. DO NOT play it. I already fix the sheet to its finest. I will re-upload the sheet as soon as I finished the recording. I were to full of myself to modify a lot of detail of the melody, make it hard so that nobody could play it and forgot an utmost truth in music :”Simple but elegant!” Yes, dudes, the NEW version is much more simple yet elegant and chaotic close to the original.

Another good new is I have done “One Little Wish” in the shortest time ever. This piece has a magic that attract me 5 consecutive transcribed hours from 12 to 5AM yesterday.


One interesting secret about “One Little Wish” is I transformed one ending from a song of an anime into the ending for “One Little Wish”. So here the deal: “WHO CAN SAY THE NAME OF THAT ANIME, I WILL ACCEPT 2 REQUESTS”

So this weekend I will be extremely busy with the piano practices and 2 recordings.

P/s: Poland is the country that has most view on my blog. I remove the link for download Hitomi wo Tojite but nobody cared to ask me why or re-upload. It kinda sad.


5 thoughts on ““One Little Wish” FINISHED and Hitomi wo Tojite (G-Senjou no Maou) FIXED

  1. Hello!
    If you’re reading this, can you re-upload the sheet for Hitomi wo Tojite once again, please? This piece is quite important for me, I would be glad to get it somehow.

  2. Hello!
    Can you re-upload the sheet for Hitomi wo Tojite once more, please? It’s quite important piece for me, and I want to play it somehow. Thanks.

      • Didn’t sure that the message has been sent, sorry for multiple comments.
        Well, I read this visual novel and it’s BGM was really magnificent. When I heard “Hitomi wo Tojite”, it has become my favorite composition. That’s why I’ll be glad to play it anyway, just for myself. If you don’t want to public it here, you can send it by email (if it’s possible, of course)

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