One Little Wish (Neon Genesis Evangelion) – I have to make sheet for this song ****sniff****


I hope I can get over the depression of my last transcription, also my first request. I still don’t know why I decided to do such a harsh task.

Let move on!

It’s has been decided. No matter what happen, I will make “One Little Wish (Neon Genesis Evangelion)” as perfect as possible, also that will be my next YouTube performance which I am craving for it day by day.

Speaking of YouTube, I think it is a great idea to upload my performance for not only showing off my skill but also sharpening my skill tremendously. As I mentioned before, no one around my life could sit next to me for just listening music. Everyone seems rushing, struggling out of their lives all day long.

I felt for “One Little Wish” instantly when I first listened to it. Relaxed, softly depressed and tearful. The song is not so popular and very few people know about it. Well. that why I am here for: “Music back from the Oblivion”


Last thing I want to mention is that I probably won’t do request anymore because I have a lot of my favorite songs I want to transcribe that could take years to finish. Most of them are not popular and some are from animes that released decades ago.

Here, “One Little Wish”


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