桜流し (Sakura Nagashi) (re-arranged) final piano sheet music

Yes, it’s here!

I had carried unease feeling since I finished transcribe Paul Carter’s Sakura Nagashi. This piece is so depressingly attractive that I couldn’t let myself to play it. However, I don’t want to replicate Paul Carter’s and his version is actually off-vocal. I thought myself that why don’t arrange a new version that include the vocal part. And here is the result.

Notice that I do not fully arranged this sheet. I borrowed a lot of details from FastMusicPerform (you can search on YouTube).

My version is fairly easy to play. The only difficulty is that you need to follow dynamic direction closely and correctly in order to produce the best effect and atmosphere of this song.

And again, you can download sheet and midi file under the Transcription tab.

P/s: Did I tell you that my 桜流し (Sakura Nagashi) off-vocal sheet music has the highest downloaded times of all my transcription? A lot of people including me had headaches of hopelessly searching all over the place and on the Internet. Yes, problem solved.


Speaking of my transcription and video, I thought that I should speed up my progress but I realized that I have produced 5 sheets and 3 videos in only 4 weeks. So the calculation for this speed is 60 sheets and more than 48 video in a year. Shit, too fast! Some of you recommended that I should slow down and improve that quality of YouTube in term of performing. It goes without saying that I am trying to improve my skill. I eagerly want to produce best footage as possibly in my limited piano skill. However, I do think that my transcribed skill is going to be better day by day. I am not afraid of transcribing but recoding video takes a lot of time and practice. Too bad that I am not a patient person. So, in future, my progress is going to be slower but I ensure you guys that my video is going to be better.

Never give up!!!!!


According to my poll, “Mischievous of Alice” is probably my next project!

One Little Wish – my past “One Little Wish”

Here, One Little Wish:

As always, it’s excited each time I upload a new video. And here now, “One Little Wish” sung by Yōko Takahashi 高橋 洋子, a song from “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis 2009 Version”.
I assume that you all know the famous song “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”. However, I wonder why no one has covered “One Little Wish”. I think that OP and ED songs will have much more potential for pianists to transcribe. So, I know for sure that other insert songs and soundtracks will hardly catch any attention from piano players to be transcribed someday. I have been wandering on the Internet using English and even translated Japanese to find piano sheets for my favorite songs but always ended up in despair.
I also have encountered a ton of piano player’s blogs and YouTube channels saying that they only do “currently airing anime” OPs and EDs and rarely play old songs.

Well, I decided to transcribe sheets myself with the fear of not being able to play them. As you can see, my skill at this moment is limited. It’s sad to say that my sheets at some points contain parts that I have lot of headaches to practice. Just a few days ago, I wondered myself that whether it’s too soon for me to transcribe and create YouTube channel. Am I useless?

“You have no idea of how your philosophy can lead you to live and how fate can torture your life”

It was hard for me to keep up the dream of musical career. And I had abandoned music and piano long ago. There was no way for me to inspire other people to love music!

So what? Right here, right now, some of you watch my video, practice my sheet and grateful to me to transcribe that song. At the moment, I have 200 views only for “A world without tears” with 18 subscribers. I am confident to say that I have high satisfaction for my piano transcription even though I am not to proud of my playing skill.

Yes, I still can bring music to everybody in a lot of ways.

That is my “One Little Wish”


“One Little Wish” FINISHED and Hitomi wo Tojite (G-Senjou no Maou) FIXED

I CAN BE PROUD OF MYSELF again……..yayayayay…..


For very few people who downloaded Hitomi wo Tojite. DO NOT play it. I already fix the sheet to its finest. I will re-upload the sheet as soon as I finished the recording. I were to full of myself to modify a lot of detail of the melody, make it hard so that nobody could play it and forgot an utmost truth in music :”Simple but elegant!” Yes, dudes, the NEW version is much more simple yet elegant and chaotic close to the original.

Another good new is I have done “One Little Wish” in the shortest time ever. This piece has a magic that attract me 5 consecutive transcribed hours from 12 to 5AM yesterday.


One interesting secret about “One Little Wish” is I transformed one ending from a song of an anime into the ending for “One Little Wish”. So here the deal: “WHO CAN SAY THE NAME OF THAT ANIME, I WILL ACCEPT 2 REQUESTS”

So this weekend I will be extremely busy with the piano practices and 2 recordings.

P/s: Poland is the country that has most view on my blog. I remove the link for download Hitomi wo Tojite but nobody cared to ask me why or re-upload. It kinda sad.

One Little Wish (Neon Genesis Evangelion) – I have to make sheet for this song ****sniff****


I hope I can get over the depression of my last transcription, also my first request. I still don’t know why I decided to do such a harsh task.

Let move on!

It’s has been decided. No matter what happen, I will make “One Little Wish (Neon Genesis Evangelion)” as perfect as possible, also that will be my next YouTube performance which I am craving for it day by day.

Speaking of YouTube, I think it is a great idea to upload my performance for not only showing off my skill but also sharpening my skill tremendously. As I mentioned before, no one around my life could sit next to me for just listening music. Everyone seems rushing, struggling out of their lives all day long.

I felt for “One Little Wish” instantly when I first listened to it. Relaxed, softly depressed and tearful. The song is not so popular and very few people know about it. Well. that why I am here for: “Music back from the Oblivion”


Last thing I want to mention is that I probably won’t do request anymore because I have a lot of my favorite songs I want to transcribe that could take years to finish. Most of them are not popular and some are from animes that released decades ago.

Here, “One Little Wish”

YouTube channel – First request: Hitomi wo Tojite #2 (G-Senjou no Maou OST)

My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vangakuz

Ladies and gentlemen (should I say this? haha, not a single comment on my blog except 2 people)

Well, I finally worked things out all weekend and yesterday, I managed to record my first video using Synthogy Ivory for the audio. Synthogy Ivory has done excellent – stunning -amazing job making my crappy digital piano become unique. For that, I now temporarily accept my piano capabilities instead of buying a better one or looking to other grand pianos and feeling jealous.

Oop, sorry to mention that I accept the first request: Hitomi wo Tojite #2 (G-Senjou no Maou OST) When I received the request and had the first hearing, I thought: “Hmm, the melody is really strange, rushing and depressed. But wait a bit, the more I listen to it, the more and more I love its painful theme. This piano solo piece have a particular strong right-hand pressure. Each melody note is so bright and strong like each needle hitting your heart. But you know what, I love that pain. Furthermore, the tempo is varied at some part. It makes me imagine of being chasing, I was running as fast as I can to reach something so far away and probably never possibly reach it. When the tempo is slow, I feel like I were exhausted of running. Anyway, the piece is hard to describe. I feel a lot of emotion from it and I do love it. Ah, I remember that I played G-Senjou no Maou long time ago and did not finished not because I didn’t like but because I got sleepy from reading. I do think that the game is good.

Stay tune for my next sheets and video. Hitomi wo Tojite #2 (G-Senjou no Maou)

Check out now! My YouTube pianist debut video!
A World Without Tears (Chaos Rings Ω OST) sheet is on the “Transcription” tab.

A World Without Tears (Chaos Rings Ω OST)

Finally, my exact transcription is finished but sadly, I still haven’t figured how to concatenate the recorded audio (using Synthogy Ivory) with the video so I won’t share the sheet until the recording is complete. However, while waiting for the process, I have already upload midi file. Image

“A World Without Tears” is so easy to play yet painfully beautiful. When I finished transcribing, it felt so wonderful. Holding the sheet, I proud of myself for putting so much efforts and times to create the sheet for this masterpiece even though I am sure that it’s missing a very few notes. The song reminds me the scene Dante saved Ohm, left his last words to Vieg to keep hope and fight. That was the moment my eyes couldn’t stop the flows of tears deep in my heart. Really, really touching.

By the way, I really don’t remember why I forgot to link the midi file of my first transcription, Sakura Nagashi. Sorry about that (even though NO ONE requested). Check it out!

A World Without Tears midi: http://www.mediafire.com/?wlwiw7tgyezj4l6

桜流し (Sakura Nagashi) midi: http://www.mediafire.com/?wcp1ujbddcbpezu