Chihayafuru – Dream vs Future


I had been wandering on the Internet to seek for a good anime. The truth is, sadly, anime is now losing its purity and attraction. A lot of shitty shows and fan-service series have been in progress more and more than before. The only improvement of anime in general is the enhanced stunning graphics and animation. Shows such as Guilty Crown, Tari Tari, Toaru Majutsu no Index, Sword Art Online… are examples of good animations but informative and forgettable scenarios. Fortunately, I have not given up yet on anime, another world within me, and continued on the finding of the next masterpiece.

….. and I found Chihayafuru…

Ah! I had seen the picture of this show before but ignored it due to its lack of attraction. But then I tried the first episode in the boring mood. At the end, I thought deeply: “What kind of the show is that? I never know about the weird game called karuta.” But omg, this game is so stunning and addictive even though I attempted to play it by myself using two standard decks of playing cards. However, at some point, I felt just a little bit of lame 🙂

Why does Chihaya Ayase and all other members of her club play karuta and spend time on it like it is their most priority in life? What is the point of doing something like benefit them on their future? Naaaaaaaa…. it’s so lame and childish. “NO WAY, I am gonna drop this show and write my first negative review.”

“What have I done? What am I even thinking? How can I say that?” At that moment, I just realized that I am identified with all of them at some points.

I was so desperately play piano with all my heart when I was 12 and then quit at the age of 15 due to lack of interest. Arata Wataya, same as me, dropped karuta and deeply regret later on. I don’t know what will happen to me in the future but hey, if any of you ask me that what the most regrettable event in my life up until now, I won’t hesitate to answer : “5 years of my age, 15 to 20, dropped piano playing is the most deadly time in my life. I wish I could turn back time now” Fuckly, give up something deep in our heart will redefine us as human being wandering in despair and regret.

I ignored Ayase and felt lame for her karuta addiction. But wait a minute, I am the same as her: refuse to socialize with people and even delay one university class to spend all pastime alone to make up to that 5 years of no music practice. Same as Chihaya Ayase, I don’t see any point of karuta for her and piano for me helping our future. Simply, karuta for her and piano for me may not be our dream anymore but become an utmost element to keep us enjoy life as human being.

Tsutomu Komano, an intelligent boy, ignore all thing like making friend, socializing to only focus on his study. I bet him he knows for sure that he’s pathetic himself about everything except for his studied record. Fortunately, he was saved by other desire and fused with the flow of victory hunting, with the touch the card, with the word of poem…

We all have rules, dreams, goals for ourselves. Surviving in our life without willpower may break our rules and dreams. As a result, we will become something unknown, we will wander in life with no desired goal. Definitely, we will just suddenly realize and regret  ourselves because in this wide despair of lives, we will encountered our true-selves in others who enjoying their dream.


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