Transcription Request

Request by posting a comment with YouTube link and your email address.

Is there a song you’d like to play, but can’t find the sheet music for?

I am now taking transcribed request for free. I will evaluate and answer back to you whether or not I will accept the request. However, there are some certain things you can do to increase the chance of being accepted:

1. The song is a OP, ED, JPop song or soundtrack from any anime.
3. The song’s length is from 1 minute and 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

Let music heal your soul.


39 thoughts on “Transcription Request

  1. I’d like to ask you to transcribe this song:

    There is no sheet music anywhere for it, and I would really love to play it!
    Thank you!

  2. Hi,

    I’ve got a video of a guy playing something on a piano (you can mostly see his fingers) and was wondering if you would be interested in transcribing it to sheet music for me? Here’s the video:

    Would this be something you could do? Do you know what it would cost?



    • I now have quite a lot of requests that are already in pre-schedule. Your requested piece is nice. Unfortunately, this is the first time I turn down a request. It’s good but not so interesting to me. I would suggest that you should choose another one in mind? I am so sorry but the more request, the pickier I select one.
      Have a nice day!

      • The sheet is available for one of the songs present in this medley (the first one), but the arrangement in the video is different and richer and better in my opinion, so I’d love to play it instead, but I am not good from playing from ear, just from notes. I may try once with transcribing but this song might be too difficult for me to start with;) I thought sending the existing sheets might be helpful in terms of rhythm, tonation etc.
        There are however no sheets available for other songs from this medley at all. I like transitions from one song to another, so it feels like one complete song.
        My humble request is to transcibe this particular medley, if it’s possible:)
        Thank you in advance!

      • I see now. I was rushing. The piece is so vehemently emotional. The rhythm is unconventional and unique. If follow my blog, my selection for music the same as this one: greatness in oblivion and unpopularity. With the stater sheet, it makes my life easier to transcribe. Thank you for bringing that piece here. I need your patience. 7 minutes will be a little tiresome.

  3. I have a song I’ve been absolutely dying to play, but because of my lack of piano skills, I’ve ultimately been unable to transcribe this myself.


    Would really appreciate it if you were able to transcribe this for me. I’ve actually been trying to hunt some people down to help me (including my friends), but they kind of gave up on it.

    IF you decide to accept this, I would love the sheet music emailed to:

    Thank you in advance!

  4. Hey I am not sure if you transcribe songs with other instruments in it like violin? As far as I know, violin notation is the same as piano without the base clef. I hope you try or listen to the song, cuz its good, at least! 🙂

  5. hi, could u make the transcription for this song
    with difficulty : medium ~ hard as close as the original song
    have searched the transcription and nobody transcribe it yet

    thanks ~

  6. I’ve been looking around for a cover of Imagination Forest from Kagerou Project for the longest tme, and I’ve found one that absolutely amazes me:

    The actual piano part isn’t that much because it’s only an accompaniment to a vocal, and for most of the video he is showing an on-screen keyboard. I just can’t write sheet music so it’s been bothering me for awhile that there’s no sheets to this amazing cover.

    If you could transcribe it, I will love you forever. FOREVER!

  7. Hi vangakuz! I have a request for you 😀 I can’t find a cover for this piece of music from Tokyo Ghoul and obviously can’t find any sheet music for it either, it’s a incredible piece of piano music and it gave me chills when I heard it in Tokyo Ghoul for the first time. This is it: the piece isn’t in the OST so it had to be ripped from the last episode of Season 1. But if you transcribed this it would be awesome! (The youtube link has voices in it, so I posted the soundcloud version without voices, sorry it isn’t the best quality).

  8. I know you posted this 2 years ago but please tell me you’ll still consider requests T.T I’ve been looking for sheets everywhere but I can’t find any… I would really appreciate it if you helped me out but if you can’t I understand

    • Hi Nicola. First, I am truly thankful for your patience all this time. As you see, I used to take request free of charge but doing so stack up my project in pile without knowing when I could deliver the product. Now by hiring me, I can take this as a job and grantee to finish the works in term of time and finest quality. So, are you considering to hire me to do this song?

    • Thank you for choosing my service. How long are you willing to wait for my work and how much do you offer? Have you ever used other similar service? (kinda lot of question :))

      • Hello again, Vangakuz.
        I am willing to wait however long it takes for you to finish. I’m not one to rush things when it’s not needed. Especially when it comes to music.
        How much do you typically charge?
        I haven’t used any similar service so this would be my firs time using it!

    • Depend on difficulty. For you, it would cost for $30 per minute, cheaper than other online services, plus, you are working directly with me, the arranger. Are you ok with this?

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