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It has been ages since I came back on this blog. A lot has happened and mostly unfortunately, regret.

Back to 2017 I discovered a new way of making music: virtual orchestration. The concept is old but it was new and overwhelming to me just to know that you can mimic the whole conductor and orchestra stuff just like virtual piano. I was hyped and pursued it but I didn’t go all the way due to its challenging difficulty and the needs for extensive music theory and sound mixing/mastering. I just simply thought virtual can never match acoustics and it is impossible. Turned out it was just an excuses.

I was carried on by boring daily life without paying much efforts in music.

Album Artwork

Until one day, I saw one of my fellow friend on Facebook who made so much progress on music production that suddenly, my heart stroke, literally. The feeling full of regrets. Why, I kept asking. My life had been much better than the old time and seriously, without music, no one dies. I wished I never had passion in music. I wished I can be a normal, robotics person who just work, eat, hang out, lay out or whatever it is. Comparing to others around me, I am too much different.

I gave up on piano once and I forgot about it. I should have kept going then and now, the same mistakes happened again. At time like this, we have tendency to blame fate for everything but deep down, we know we are at blame for not being strong and patient enough to pursue the goal. Music doesn’t make a living and yet I keep craving for it.

I am not the best pianist out there and my skill is limited but with orchestra, there is so much to explore and you don’t need much natural god talent as piano requires. This is a new horizon for me. My goal now is simple: to keep at it as long as I breath.

Of all kind genre and format, I chose the most challenging one, the most hardest to attract audience and the least popular.

Working 8 hour a day for a main boring job and deep myself in orchestra 7 hours. My lifestyle already isolated and now more solitary than ever.

4 months passed.

A small collective album enough to burst my emotion.

Hope you like it!

Album Artwork

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Million years Ago [Adele] PIANO ACCOMPANY

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Million years Ago [Adele] PIANO SOLO

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Dưới Những Cơn Mưa [Mr. Siro]
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Vì tôi còn sống [Tiên Tiên]
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Tong Hua 童话 (Fairy Tale)
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See you again

“See you again” (ending Paul’s theme from Furious 7) absolutely contains no single drop of emotion and feeling. I can sit all year bumping my head just to figure it out why the hell people love this song so much. Maybe it is attached to the movie and the famous deceased actor Paul Walker.
On a good last Friday night, I reluctantly accepted 2 more students without the hope that they could carry my dream as I think usually.
Travis, a 6-year old boy who seems very interest in piano. It is quite funny to see him play and read the number fingers on the sheet music at the same time. Hmm, I could see a crystal-clear innocence from that boy which freshens my depressed soul.
And Trina, a 12 year old girl who is currently studying violin. I knew at the very first sign that this little girl has something to offer. I didn’t what it was at first but I am certain that the presence of her desperately wants to emit. That is definitely the presence of stage performance.
Their mom wants both of them to learn piano. Travis is total newbie while Trina has a good base of music theory and sight note reading.
For 15 minutes, Travis was done for the first part. His only problem is not sitting and focusing in one task for more than 10 minutes or so. Well, usual for a hyper 6 year old boy.

wait wait, don’t leave yet. Here comes the amazing part so keep reading.


I carried “Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence” sheet and told her to play it on violin. I was curious to see how far she could go.
For the first attempt, it was good. I used the piece to test her piano level. According to her mom, Trina used to learn piano few months ago. I was a bit surprised that she actually could learn “Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence”. Her hand movement is quite flexible for that level. Key pressure is nice too. She even played without looking at the sheet after taking 10 minute break.
Compared to other students of mine, her attitude to learn is the most perfect. She learns because she wants learn and told me want to be pushed.

They showed me “See you again” vocal/piano sheet music and wanted me to play for them.

“Crap, this song again”~~ I cursed it in my head.
“Ok, wait for me next week!”~~ I responded. I actually could play it in free style an improvisation based on the sheet but I guess in order to give the best performance to boost their encouragement, I decided to arrange it. Learning the piece you like is the most effective way to learn an instrument.
“I want to learn to play it someday.”~~ they told me.

I ABSOLUTELY DIDN’T want to arrange it. It was pain. The lyrics is trivial. The rap part is horrible. I even had to used constant octave bass. It was a hella of torture. Nothing I can find to be proud of this arrangement. But how can I reject and let my students down? Teaching music is surely a sacred scarification. My project, “Mountain” by “Message to Bear” is on-hold. What keep me doing this? I could just go teach whatever and don’t mind their progress which many teachers do (at least I know some of those scumbags).
Each day I wake up and look back at my past childhood dream. The dream is cracked ever since I had stopped my piano years ago. Ever since I came to teaching, I realized that one of them could fulfill my broken dream. Their shines shine me. Their joys enlighten me. Their smiles heal me. Each of their well finished homework relives me.
“Can this open the light for me? Can it save my blindness of future?”

But then, while I practice, I think of their innocence. They are waiting for my performance.

Of course, those thoughts give me courage and devotion.
From a hateful song, I have RE-LEARNED how precious to performance for some one. Everything turned out not so bad at all.

“See you again”, Travis and Trina.

Moonlit Night メメント・モリ [FULL] and Memento Mori メメント・モリ from Death Parade デス・パレード

Moonlit Night メメント・モリ
Death Parade デス・パレード

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Memento Mori メメント・モリ
Death Parade デス・パレード

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Revolution: Hoping of anything Eternal only brings us to Nothingness

Revolution: Hoping of anything Eternal only brings us to Nothingness.

Flowers are symbols decorating beauty…end it freshness, come to dust and flies to be gone with the wind.

Women is a recreation of man by the Supreme God… the beauty but of seduction and lust… a source of sin. However, in the end, by only time, they are faded away by just simply aging.

Love is desirable, excited, wonderful and a meaning of life. Sadly, it can overpower and influence the way we think in a negative way. Scientifically, love is just simply a meaning that keep human continue to do what all living creature have to do: reproduction. What if we create our offspring without the love of our soulmate? Ironically, what we call Love is just a mean to keep human advance to the next generation. Ironically, we know that hurtful fact but continue to seek one for us. Remember, no one live his life with another in the rest of his life.

As a musician, I always try to seek and create strings of melody that can never be faded away. I was wrong. I mean if nothing have the characteristic of eternity, can anything represent anything eternal? Even with the greatest and oldest melodies, they are going into oblivion. However, one could argue that classical music can surpass time; it is the only genre that can exist with the flow of time. True…but…then why new genres keeps producing and creating in different manners than classical music. And why we have something call “Contemporary music”?

Better late than never!

It is me who is so stubborn being unable to leave old expression, old memory, aged melody and most importantly, the old me. I have to let something go in order to perceive the better. Still, as a slow reactor, I have lived in the past more than present and nothing could change that. I just can’t let aged melody be gone. As a result, isolation and oblivion keeps haunting me in the rest of my life.

Interesting, deep down in the meaning of previous sentence, you and I both know that there is ONE thing that is ETERNAL.


Zero [piano sheet] Final Fantasy Type-0 [ファイナルファンタジー零式]

Love Deterrence ~ Koi no Yokushiryoku [piano]